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Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces serve as an excellent alternative to traditional gas or wood fireplaces. Think about it: they require minimal maintenance, are cost-effective to install and don’t call for any chimney cleaning or wood chopping.

Customers often ask our experts why they should opt to purchase an electric fireplace.

Here are 10 reasons an electric fireplace is a beneficial addition to your cozy home. 

They’re Incredibly Realistic

Over the years, electric fireplaces have undergone an impressive evolution. The first few iterations of electric fireplaces on the market were – well, let’s just say less-than-impressive. 

The artificial “flames” and glowing embers looked completely unrealistic. Some models even used red ribbons blown by a fan to simulate the sparking, dancing flames! 

Today, however, advancements in technology and electrics have completely transformed the look and feel of electric fireplaces. 

Most use a technology that includes LED lights reflecting off rotating metal strips for incredible and colorful 3D effects. The realism is so sophisticated, making for a gorgeous addition to any home. 

Powerful Heating Abilities

Unbeknownst to many, an electric fireplace has the ability to adequately heat most rooms up to 400 square feet. If you have an area in your home that could use a little supplemental heat, an electric fireplace is a cost-effective and visually appealing solution. 

Just keep in mind, there are several variables that ultimately impact the amount of heat needed to create a snug and comfortable space – including factors like the age of the home, type of construction, what condition the home is in, the size of windows and doors, insulation levels, orientation to the south, prevailing winter wind direction and geographic location. 

The heating element in most electric fireplaces is up to 1800 watts or 5000 BTU of heat, enough for a small or moderately sized area while still able to use a standard 110 volt/20 amp circuit.

Low Operational Costs

The costs associated with operating an electric fireplace are very reasonable and affordable.  

With the heat turned off, an electric fireplace can operate for mere pennies per day. When the heating element is turned on, costs will be contingent upon elements like how many hours you operate your fireplace daily and what you’re paying for electricity. 

A dime a day, without the heating element on is fairly common. With the heat turned on, you can anticipate paying somewhere between $1.00 — $2.50/day.

No Pipes, Maintenance or Safety Concerns

Unlike gas fireplaces, which require a vent pipe, and wood fireplaces/stoves, which require a chimney, no venting is needed with an electric fireplace. 

Without vents or chimney pipes in the picture, you’ll enjoy lower up-front equipment costs as well as a wider range of installation options to choose from. 

What’s more, there’s virtually no maintenance required, apart from occasionally cleaning the glass. 

The glass on wood and gas equipment can get dangerously hot – which may be hazardous with toddlers in the house. With an electric fireplace, however, the glass does not get exceptionally hot. 

Multiple Media Options Available

Media options refer to the materials that enhance the flames and lighting effects of the fireplace. In the past, this feature was limited to choosing the aesthetic of the logs used. 

Today, however, there’s a myriad of visually-appealing options available to customize the look of your electric fireplace. 

Glimmering fire glass, for example, comes in a diverse selection of colors, transforming the fireplace into a contemporary work of art. 

When it comes to log varieties, birch, oak, driftwood, or charred logs can be leveraged to achieve a more traditional look. You also have the option of mixing together different colors and logs to create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind appearance.

Dozens of Shapes & Sizes

There are countless options to select from when it comes to the size and shape of your ideal electric fireplace. 

From traditional sizes that’ll add a touch of style to your living room to dimensions that are designed for an insert into an open wood-burning fireplace, there are a plethora of options at your disposal. Corner, see-through, and free-standing stove models are all available for specialized projects too.

Easy Remote Control Access

With an easy-to-use remote control, operating an electric fireplace is effortless. If you can change channels, mute and adjust the volume on your TV, you’ll find it simple to navigate these types of remote controls. 

The remote is utilized for turning the heat on and off, increasing or decreasing the brightness of the lighting effects or the liveliness of the flame pattern and adjusting the spectrum of color emitted.

Appealing Special Effects

If you’re seeking to create a more contemporary look, the special effects of today’s electric fireplaces are truly outstanding. 

The spectrum of colors available for the glistening fire glass is mesmerizing to watch – especially when treating yourself to a little R &R. Remember, you can simply turn off the heat with a click of the remote and enjoy your “moving wall art” year-round!

They Can Be Used Year-Round

One benefit that homeowners enjoy, is the fact that an electric fireplace can be used at any time of year – including the summer months.

You can create an alluring ambiance and beautiful effects by simply switching the heat off on your remote control. This will allow you to enjoy that special feeling and atmosphere created by your electric fireplace year-round, not just during the chilly winter season.

Unsurpassed Versatility

The ease and versatility of installation one of the many reasons homeowners opt to purchase an electric fireplace. 

With no fuel to burn, no chimney upkeep and no need for a vent pipe, an electric fireplace can be installed anywhere throughout your home. What’s more, electric fireplaces can be mounted, hung from a wall or recessed into a wall – depending on your unique design preferences. 

From the bathroom to the dining room to the master bedroom, there’s no shortage of opportunities to add style and value to your home. All that’s required to get up and running is an appropriately-sized electrical supply. 

Have a design in mind for installing an electric fireplace?

We’d love to help bring your vision to life! 

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