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Grill in winter
Using Your Grill During the Winter: 4 Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

During the winter months, it’s hard not to dream of warmer temperatures. Find out how to enjoy a bit of summer with your grill during the winter months with these four tips.

1. Keep it Safe

Grilling always comes with some risk, but by taking these safety precautions, you can avoid certain risks that you will encounter when grilling in the winter.

One of the biggest risks for fire is the extra layers of clothing worn to keep warm during winter. It’s a good idea to avoid scarves that are long and clothing items that won’t remain close to your body. Flame’s from the grill can easily ignite loose-hanging clothing.

Winter conditions can be unpredictable, so we recommend equipping the lid handle of your grill with an LED light. The LED light can help reduce the risk of accidents due to insufficient lighting while prepping your favorite grilled meals. Since LED lights are battery-powered, they can also be useful during power outages. Don’t forget to check the floor surface for ice, salt or sand can help you avoid slipping!

One last important safety reminder is to make sure you never store a propane tank in your house or shed! Propane gas is heavier then the air we breathe, which means if there is a leak from your tank it could potentially lead to big trouble!

If you would like more tips on keeping your home safe and prepared for next winter, check out our chimney sweep recommendations here.

2. Plan Ahead

Giving yourself adequate time can be essential when grilling in the winter. Lower temperatures during the winter months will extend your gas grill’s cooking and preheating times. You should also expect to have higher fuel consumption, so make sure you have enough fuel on hand. 

Depending on the weather conditions and type of grill you’re using, cooking times can go up to 20 minutes longer than normal. Gas grills take more energy to produce heat and depending on the thickness of the steel on your grill, keep the warmer interior temperature consistent. Fortunately, the faithful charcoal grill isn’t affected by these things as frequently, although you may use more charcoal. Kamado-style grills that use hardwood charcoal work great in the cold – check out our grill page or online store for ideas! 

Snow covered grill

3. Get A Thermometer

Want to grill your food perfectly and save time? Only open the lid occasionally after reaching the desired temperature. 

“But how will I know when it’s done?” 

When cooking in the winter, make sure to have a thermometer and a timer on hand.  There are excellent probe-type cooking thermometers that talk to a remote located inside the cozy house.  You can reduce cooking time by using smaller pieces of meat and avoiding windy locations.

When your cooking timer goes off, check the internal temperature or your remote probe temperate, and bon appétit, serve when ready. Delicious grilled food

4. Storing Your Grill

When you’re not using your grill, make sure to remove snow and put a cover on. Keeping your grill clear from the moisture and humidity of melted ice can prevent rust from forming. Lastly, make sure you have adequate fuel levels in your tank to prevent the pressure from dropping too low (and to make sure you have enough fuel for your next grilling adventure!).

Now that you know how to keep your winter grilling safe and efficient, check out our selection of grills to really keep you at the top of your grilling game!

Moki the office pup
Meet Kimberly and Josh: More Than Colleagues, Family Members

Our little family at Mountain Home Stove & Fireplace (MHSF) is close as ever and looking forward to what the new year will bring. We’ve had many exciting updates to kick off 2022 like our revamped website and partnership with a television mount company. We celebrated huge work anniversaries with our well-loved employees, like Michael, Elliot, and Josh.

In 2021 we grew our team to make sure we can serve you as best as possible. Our newest hire, Kimberly has brought her extensive experience in Customer Service to become one fantastic Service Manager.

We truly appreciate everything our team does to keep the Yampa Valley warm and thriving. We wanted to take time to thank them for their hard work and continuous dedication to keeping your family and home cozy.

For February, we wanted to highlight two important members of our team. You may have seen them around or had a chat on the phone, but we want you to know them like a Rocky Mountain slope you’ve skied 30 times. They work hard to keep MHSF the reliable and trustworthy business it is.

Without further ado, let’s meet them. And see a day in the life of a few rockstar MHSF employees!

Meet Kimberly

Kimberly is our Service Manager, joining us about 5 months ago from beautiful Colorado Springs. From our first interview, we knew she was the one. She instantly understood our close-knit vibe and desire to be one with the community. For us, our work is more than a job, it’s a way to give back and live authentically. Kimberly exudes that sentiment.

All while maintaining a charming sense of humor.

Plus, the woman has quite the work ethic! Jumping right in at our busiest season, she’s blown us away with her ability to wear many hats, get us organized, and keep things running smoothly. She handles everything from scheduling services for new installs to answering customer phone calls, invoicing and ordering, to running employee meetings. She’s taken ownership of her position from day one, and it shows. At this point, we aren’t sure what we’d do without her.

Of course, working at MHSF isn’t all work and no fun. We’d never!

But we have to admit, we aren’t Kimberly’s favorite part of the job. And sadly, you probably aren’t either, but you’ll understand why.

Kimberly loves Moki and Juniper, our goofy, affectionate, and loveable furry workers. In fact, she may have been quoted saying (to the dogs), “if you weren’t here, I’d go crazy.” And honestly, we can’t blame her.

Last week, a completely unbiased third party interviewed Kimberly about her role at MHSF. We wanted to get a sense of how she really felt. Could she be hiding a super-secret plan to kidnap Moki and Juniper and make off down the mountainside?

The good news… that doesn’t seem likely.

Kimberly will be here to answer your calls for many years to come. In her interview, she said she loves working here and feels like she finally found her “spot”. She feels comfy and at home. She appreciates that everyone is a little different, but it just works. And, hey, we feel the same! We knew we liked her.

In the future, Kimberly plans to buy land and stock it full with a donkey, chickens, and various animals that will keep the neighbors up at night. Apparently, she’s also an avid gardener and plans to grow her very own veggies. In a few years’ time, maybe we’ll be able to skip the Farmer’s Market altogether. With a basket of fresh produce delivered by Kimberly every Monday at 9 am. Is that too much to hope for?

In all seriousness, we adore Kimberly and hope she knows what a joy she is to have on the team. We know she is compassionate, resourceful, and strives every day to make sure our customers (and the rest of the team) at MHSF have the best day possible each and every day.

If you ever have a question, concern, or just want to check on the daily shenanigans of Moki and Juniper, give Kimberly a call at (970)-879-7962.

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, Kimberly!

Meet Josh

It might be hard to follow that glowing review of our newest member, but Josh actually makes it pretty easy.

If you’ve been around for a while, chances are, you’ve seen him around. But do you know the man under the flannel and soot?

A modern-day Chimney Sweep. Indubitably, he puts Bert to shame with his insane work ethic and ability to problem-solve (at least we haven’t caught him breaking out in song with a lady with an umbrella and curious briefcase on the job yet).

Josh is one of the top-notch Chimney Sweeps and Fireplace Installers in town – maybe in all of Colorado. But just because he’s certified to be an inspector and sweep – which gives him great pride and responsibilities over his work- it isn’t why we love him (at least not the only reason).

We almost can’t believe it, but Josh has been with us for 4 years. The time has moved so fast. Right away Josh and his fiancé fit right in with the MHSF family and never looked back (but they did come from Denver, so can you blame them? #smalltownswin)

When interviewed about his role and experience with MHSF, Josh said he only applied for 2 jobs when moving to Steamboat Springs. He knew he wanted to be part of this team from the get-go. Even though he didn’t exactly have chimney sweeping experience (he was previously in radon mitigation), he took a chance. Mostly because he liked the idea of not having to work weekends, nights, or holidays — but the close-knit “family-first” atmosphere didn’t hurt.

And we sure are glad we hired him all those years ago! Though the role isn’t without its challenges, Josh shows up every day with a smile on his face and an eagerness to tackle the day’s tasks.

Typically, he gets to the shop, unloads from the day before, talks to Kimberly about paperwork and the job’s scheduled for the day, prepares for the workload, and heads out.

When asked, Josh said his favorite part about working for MHSF is the comradery, emotional connectedness between the team, and continual personal and professional growth opportunities. He always feels appreciated. For example, the company recently purchased him a newer work vehicle which has made his job much easier (and hey– we sure are glad he appreciated it because trucks in this market aren’t cheap! We love you, Josh.)

He noted something we say in all our meetings that he feels really rings true about the work environment at MHSF: “The rising tide floats all boats.”

And we couldn’t agree more! At MHSF, we’re more than coworkers. We’re a team that supports each other.

Looking to join a supportive team?

If you’re interested in joining a small workforce that feels like family, with competitive compensation and benefits, please reach out to us! We are looking for service techs with strong mechanical skills for a full-time, year-round position. Contact us today if you’re interested in applying.

cowboy cauldron
Staying Warm + Sharing Stories Of The Past

Now that January is upon us many people will be out on the slopes taking in the views and getting some much-needed fresh air. After spending time hitting the fresh powder of the hills, what better way to warm up than with a hot beverage next to a fire.

That was the thought behind creating The Cowboy Cauldron for the Steamboat Ski Resort. Bringing both the culture of western cowboys and our community’s love of skiing into one warm project.

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Our 2021 Year in Review

As the clock winds down on 2021, we’re taking a moment to reflect on a year filled with triumphs and accomplishments. To celebrate, we’re raising a toast to some of the highlights that made this year such a successful one.

From growing our Mountain Home family to supporting our community, we’re immensely grateful to our loyal customers and the opportunities that came our way this year.

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Thanksgiving Turkey
The Tastiest Turkey of All Time

As we roll into the Holiday season, families all over the country are dropping a big blob of bird into their shopping carts and hauling it home for the holiday.

Then they spend the next half hour throwing out all of the year-old salad dressings to make room in the fridge for a thaw that takes longer than a USPS delivery. For many people, the week is spent fretting over which cooking method to attempt this year…

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