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change your batteries
Heating Season: Time to Change Your Batteries!

Never fails – as soon as it gets cold enough to turn on the stove or fireplace that worked just fine last spring, you find that something changed and there’s no fire…. could be something as simple as a set or two of batteries. Changing out batteries in your heating appliance control system once each year at the beginning of heating season is a good habit to get into – like changing the smoke detector batteries when the time changes – a small thing can prevent a great annoyance.

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how to light a pilot light
How to Light a Pilot Light
        1.  Find the control area on your fireplace or stove (or water heater). Look at the bottom – usually behind a louver or screen. Pilot lighting instructions may be in this area.
        2.  Set main burner switch, thermostat or remote control to OFF; turn thermostats down below room temperature to keep the unit from calling for heat.
        3.  Locate the gas shut off valve on the gas line to the unit and confirm that it is in the on position. When on, the valve’s handle will be in line with the gas pipe; when off, the handle is perpendicular to the gas line.
        4.  Find the gas control knob. It will have 3 markers: Off, Pilot and On.
        5. Locate the pilot ignition/sparker button – usually cylindrical.
        6. Turn the gas control knob to the Pilot position by pushing it in and turning it so “Pilot” lines up with a mark or arrow.
        7. Push the gas control knob in – you should hear the hiss of gas – and hold it in while pressing the igniter button. The hiss is gas flowing through the pilot assembly. You may be able to see a small spark at the pilot assembly. If you don’t hear gas or don’t see a spark at the assembly, the main gas supply may be off or the system may need servicing.
        8. Once the pilot lights, continue to hold in the pilot knob for one minute, the slowly release it. At that point, the pilot should continue to burn on its own. If pilot goes off, it’s likely you need to repeat and hold the gas control knob in longer – count to 60 seconds. If it still goes out, call for service.
        9. Now that the pilot is burning, turn the knob to the ON position.
        10. Now you can operate the fireplaceor stove by thermostat, switch or remote. Note – this is counter-intuitive: If you operate a millivolt (standing pilot) appliance with a battery- powered wireless remote, the main switch on the appliance (lower right in photo above) must be in the OFF position.

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