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Summer brings days on the river, and nights sitting around an outdoor fire, drinking wine and this summer — happy hours on Zoom.

Fire pits transform your backyard into a summertime sanctuary, creating an environment for socializing and quality time. 

Looking to bring the indoors outside?

Here are 5 things to consider as you choose and install an outdoor fire pit:

1. Consider your fuel source

Are you dreaming of small, discrete flames or a tall, dancing bonfire?

The larger the flame, the bigger the gas supply line required. Choosing a fire pit begins with the question of what fuel source you have.

outdoor fire pit colorado
Photo courtesy: HPC Fire

With fire pits, the gas line is typically buried under a patio or deck, and the size of the line needed is based on two things: the capacity of the fire feature (how big you want the flames to be) and the distance from the meter or propane tank.

Installing gas and potentially electric supply in an existing patio is disruptive but can be done. New construction or remodels where piping locations can be easily accessed and hidden are less expensive than tearing up pavers or landscaping.

2. What’s your style?

There are many fire pit designs to choose from. Do you like the look of burning logs, glass marbles or lava rock? Want to circle around a stand-alone fire feature, or tuck away a cozy built-in fireplace?

Does your backyard have a contemporary, linear style, or do you want to feel like you’re sitting around a campfire?

Think about how you want to use your fire pit, how you want it to make you feel, and how it fits in with the overall aesthetic of your backyard and home.

backyard fire pit
Photo courtesy: HPC Fire

3. Backyard microclimate

How windy is your patio? How often does it rain?

When choosing a fire pit, consider how it will pair with the elements in your backyard microclimate.

4. Considering care and maintenance

Fire pit features do require some care and maintenance, especially in our Colorado environment. Logs and burners left uncovered during snow and rainstorms will fail when water goes through freezing and thawing.

Plan to cover up that fire pit – Buy a cover and use it!

Different styles of fire pits require different kinds and amounts of maintenance. Fireplaces that are more vertical are less likely to fill with water, but any fire feature will be susceptible to freeze damage.

5. Who’s around?

Many outdoor fireplaces are open, with no glass between you, kids or pets and the flame. Most fire pits can be supplied with safety screens. Some fire pit designs incorporate glass shields that act as wind and safety barriers. Consider who’s around and how attentive you want to be to extra safety features like these.

outdoor fire pit colorado
Photo courtesy: HPC Fire

Choosing the right fire pit for your yard begins with imagining yourself and your loved ones using it.

From there, we can help you navigate the details so that you end up with a backyard paradise.

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