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Pellet Stoves & Inserts | Mountain Home Stove & Fireplace

A pellet stove or insert is a heating appliance that burns compressed wood or biomass pellets to create a source of heat for residential and sometimes industrial spaces. By steadily feeding fuel from a storage container (hopper) into a burn pot area, it produces a constant flame that requires little to no physical adjustments. Today’s heating systems operated with wood pellets as a renewable energy source can reach an efficiency factor of more than 90%. Pellet stoves and inserts have become very popular in mountain communities where pelletized wood is available and more economical than propane. Pellet stoves are available in a variety of styles – from the more modern example shown above to a look and feel more like a traditional wood stove.

Quad Santa Fe

The Quad Santa Fe is a smart, high-performance pellet stove with a small, contemporary shape.

Quad Classic Bay 1200

The powerful Quad Classic Bay 1200 is one of the most proven and advanced heating appliances available.

All Quadrafire pellet stoves are available as inserts, look is the same.

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