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Mountain Home Stove & Fireplace sells, installs and services fireplaces, stoves, fire pits, and outdoor grills of all shapes, sizes, models, and styles. We pride ourselves on being able to find heating and environment solutions that fits into our clients’ specific budget, lifestyle, and aesthetics.

When clients come to us looking for a new heating unit, we listen for information that will help us understand what will meet their needs.

We generally ask questions like:

  • Are you replacing an existing heating unit – fireplace or stove? Wood or gas?
  • Do you want a fireplace for heat, ambiance, or both?
  • What kind of fuel do you plan to use – wood, gas (natural or propane) or pellet?
  • How large is the area you would like to heat?
  • Do you enjoy a more contemporary or rustic aesthetic?
  • Tell us about the existing venting/chimney configuration.
  • What is your price range? Are you interested in a more affordable or high-end unit?

Indoor Products

Come into our showroom and let us help you find the your perfect indoor or outdoor environment

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