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A gas fireplace is a gorgeous feature that is on most homeowners’ wish list. It can be a functional heating appliance and a piece of art. Fireplaces provide excellent zone heating and many are furnace rated, capable of heating your home. A well-designed, quality fireplace is a great addition to any room and provides warmth, comfort, and a place for friends and family members to gather and enjoy each other’s company. Addition of a fireplace usually increases the resale value of your home.

As there are many options available for your fireplace’s ultimate design, feel and look, our sales staff are happy to assist you with navigating the many choices. Click on any of the logos below to open a website of the manufacturers that we proudly offer.

Mendota FV 48

The Mendota FV 48 w/Birch Logs at 48 inches wide, this changing the landscape of gas fireplaces.

Kozy Heat Bellingham 52

Kozy Heat Bellingham 52 is an ideal heating solution in a landscape shape. Offered in a wide range of design options.

Marquis Bentley 48

Marquis Bentley 48 w/Oak Logs has an expansive glass viewing area with beautiful designer options.

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