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Stellar Galaxy 6-SS-2-GL

Some modern homes and commercial spaces call for unusual features, including the fireplace!  If you are looking for a specific, non-traditional look for your home or office: 2- or 3-sided, see-through, a gas fireplace without safety screen, or contemporary media combined with LED bed lights, review these brands.  Some manufacturers in this category also offer custom fireplaces to fit a specific space.  Let our knowledgeable sales staff introduce you to the many choices of specialty fireplaces for your special space.

Golden Blount Superfire 3624



We often have a request for an ‘open’ gas fireplace – one that looks like a true wood-burning fireplace, but without the wood – or a gas fireplace without the glass front or safety screen.  This can be done a couple ways:  use a manufactured open gas fireplace; install a factory-built wood fireplace (with wood chimney vent) and a gas log set; build a pre-fab masonry wood fireplace and add a gas log set.   





Specialty brands that we offer –

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