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Wood Stoves & Inserts

A wood stove is a wonderful authentic piece that adds charm and character to any room. Stoves are sought after for their efficiency and their heating abilities. Because they are freestanding, they can easily be installed anywhere.  Venting for a wood appliance is different from that of a gas-burning unit, so consult us to determine the most economic approach to having that welcoming ambiance that burning wood provides.  Whether you want the convenience of a gas stove, the aesthetics and sounds of a crackling fire, or the ease of a pellet stove, we have it all.


An effective, affordable way to address an inefficient wood-burning fireplace and make it more functional and cost-effective to operate is by installing a fireplace insert. Mountain Home Stove & Fireplace offers a variety of high-quality and affordable fireplace inserts to convert your current fireplace into a unit you can use and enjoy for many years to come. Call today to find out more about our fireplace inserts.