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Electric vs gas
Should You Get an Electric Fireplace?

Electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular in the last few years. They offer versatility, gorgeous lighting effects, and are easy to install. There are many options to choose from when it comes to electric fireplaces and for some, they may seem like a perfect alternative to traditional fireplaces. 

However, people require reliable and safe heat – so, how do electric fireplaces stack up? How complicated are they to use and how much do they cost?

While they may seem like a great option for your home, you want to know everything you can about electric fireplaces before purchasing one. Whether you are considering an electric fireplace due to eco-conscious reasons or you’re unable to install a traditional fireplace, it’s good to know all of the facts before making a decision. 

How Much Do Electric Fireplaces Cost to Run?

With the inclusion of an electric fireplace, you can expect an added charge to your utility bill. Plus, if you’re relying on an electric fireplace to be your sole source of heat, you’re going to expect an expensive monthly bill. However, when you have the heat element of the electric unit turned off, your monthly charges should be minimal. 

What Are the Advantages of Having an Electric Fireplace?

Besides the look of an electric fireplace, these fireplaces are popular among buyers for their versatility. Electric fireplaces can easily be installed in any space in your home, since there’s no vent pipe or chimney pipe, as there are in traditional gas or wood fireplaces. You can hang one on a wall or you can have it recessed into a wall. An electric fireplace brings a certain elegance and ambiance to any room in the home. 

The technology of electric fireplaces has also improved, which means that you won’t have to deal with tacky-looking fake flames. Instead, you have the option of showcasing different log styles, pebbles, rocks, and more. This means that an electric fireplace will only add to the decor of the room that you’ve installed it in. 

In addition, installing an electric fireplace is an eco-conscious decision – by having an electric fireplace in your home, you’re reducing the emissions of traditional  fireplaces. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Having an Electric Fireplace?

Electric fireplace heaters are not designed to be the sole heating source in your home – depending on the size, they put out about as much heat as a standard-voltage electric heater. Not only can these fireplaces be expensive, but they do not have the ability to fully heat your whole home. In this case, space heaters have more of a capability to heat large spaces. Electric fireplaces are also not reliable during power outages, since they need electricity to be used. 

While electric fireplaces can look better than they used to, they still don’t replace the same ambiance that comes from traditional fireplaces. You cannot get the same crackling sound that you’d normally get with wood-burning heat sources. Now, if you are looking to be more eco-conscious, adding an electric fireplace takes away the emissions that come from a traditional fireplace. 

While electric fireplaces may be popular amongst those who may not be able to have traditional fireplaces, there is still a need for reliable safe heat. This is where we at Mountain Home Stove & Fireplace come in. With our years of experience in providing customers with excellent service, we can provide electric as well as install traditional gas fireplaces and more.


Gas vs electric

Summer Is The Best Time to Inspect & Sweep Your Wood Appliance

You’re celebrating the beginning of summer right now. After the year we’ve all had, we’re looking forward to a few great months of beautiful weather. In between getting a tan at the beach and enjoying a scrumptious afternoon BBQ with your loved ones, take a moment to remember the importance of performing an annual inspection and sweeping of your wood chimney vent. 

So, why is it so important to schedule your annual inspection and sweep this summer? Read on as we delve into all the benefits. 

Sweep Now, Enjoy Later

Whenever warmer weather approaches, it’s hard to redirect your focus from summer activities to the upcoming fall season. However, it’s always a smart idea to think ahead – and that includes ensuring your wood chimney vent is properly inspected and swept, so it’s ready to roll when colder days stream in.

Why should you sweep your wood appliance? And why should you do it now? 

While it’s easy to put the task off until colder weather arrives, if you delay getting it done until fall, you could run into operational issues when it’s time to light the first fire. Also, our labor rates will be increasing August 1  – be safe and save some money, sweep now! 

From avoiding back-drafting of smoke into the house and potential chimney fires to protecting your health and removing any clogs, prepping your wood appliance in advance of the fall season will ensure it functionals at an optimal level. 

Wood burning fireplace

A scheduled sweep will also look out for any problems that may be lingering – such as unwanted leaks or weakened parts that could threaten the integrity of the structure. 

Industry experts state that you should have your chimney inspected once a year. If you are the proud owner of a wood appliance, your chimney can develop sooty buildup during colder months, leading to potentially hazardous situations if not addressed by a professional.  

Getting your chimney swept before fall arrives is a vital part of ensuring you’ll be able to safely enjoy your wood appliance once the weather gets chilly.

How Does the Sweeping Process Work?

When you make an appointment for an annual sweep at Mountain Home Stove and Fireplace, one of our experts will perform a comprehensive inspection of your appliance.

Our certified professionals will assess the gaskets, liner material, clearances, and the condition of the cap and flashing/masonry cap. During the course of the process, our specialist will explain their findings and perform any repairs that may be needed – with your approval, of course. Any findings will be written up in the event that you wish to wait to have repairs done. 

It’s important to get your chimney swept as soon as you can – not only so you can enjoy the rest of your summer without worrying about the winter, but also because our labor rates will increase after August 1st.

Bookings for annual appointments are filling up fast! Give us a call today to schedule your inspection and sweeping, and you’ll enjoy our special summer prices. We want you to be safe and happy this upcoming fall season and that starts with a clean wood appliance.

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