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Wood Insert

Wood fireplaces can be highly efficient as well as beautiful, meeting emissions requirements for consumers who want to use wood as a renewable and clean source of heat. Wood fireplaces come in a number of configurations: factory-built with tight-sealing doors to control emissions; factory-built open fireplaces for that traditional crackling wood-smell experience; lightweight pre-fabricated modular kits for the rich substantial feel of masonry (see Masonry Fireplaces).

As there are many options available for your fireplace’s ultimate design, feel, and look, our sales staff are happy to assist you with navigating the many choices. All of our options may not be shown, click on any of the links below to open a website of the manufacturers that we proudly offer or check out our online store!

Factory-Built Wood Fireplaces


The Elegance® Wood Fireplace produces heat in a generous way!


The cast-iron front is designed with a hand-chiseled stone texture.


Astra combines convenient versatility with luxurious functionality.


This high-performance fireplace is also hassle-free and perfect for everyday use.


This fireplace perfectly combines the new heating technology with all its elegance.

Stûv 21

Stûv 21 wood fireplaces are manufactured to blend into the decor, the fire becomes the center of attraction.

Wood Stoves

A wood stove is a wonderful authentic piece that adds charm and character to any room. Stoves are sought after for their efficiency and their heating abilities. Because they are freestanding, they can easily be installed anywhere. Venting for a wood appliance is different from that of a gas-burning unit, so consult us to determine the most economic approach to having that welcoming ambiance that burning wood provides. Whether you want the convenience of a gas stove, the aesthetics, and sounds of a crackling fire, or the ease of a pellet stove, we have it all.

Blaze King

Our craftsmen used the timeless medium of cast iron to create a beautiful and elegant piece of furniture with detailed relief and curves.


Designed with traditional style, crafted in European iron, lined with soapstone, and offered in a variety of porcelain enamel finishes.


Distinguished by its clean lines and harmonious ratios, this wood-burning stove fluidly integrates into all manner of interior schemes.


The traditional woodburning stove by Morsø is as loved as it is well-known. The timeless yet modern design, combined with genuine Danish craftsmanship is its basic essence.


The Discovery III is designed with easy operation in mind. A space-saving wood storage bin designed right into the stove makes grabbing that next piece of wood easy.


The Discovery III is designed with easy operation in mind. A space-saving wood storage bin designed right into the stove makes grabbing that next piece of wood easy.

Ambiance Hipster 14 wood stove

Hipster 14

With a 79% efficiency and burn time up to 16 hours, the Hipster 14 is one of the most efficient woodstoves on the market thanks to its TruHybrid combustion technology and quality materials such as soapstone and cast iron. It qualifies for the US 25d Tax Credit.

Ambiance Hipster 20 wood burning stove

Hipster 20

EPA 2020 certified at 0.6g/hr and approved to be sold across Canada and the United States, the Hipster 20 boasts a 79% efficiency and burns up to 24 hours on a single load of wood. Backed by an limited lifetime warranty, it also qualifies for the US 25d Tax Credit.

Wood Inserts

An effective, affordable way to address an inefficient wood-burning fireplace and make it more functional and cost-effective to operate is by installing a fireplace insert. Mountain Home Stove & Fireplace offers a variety of high-quality and affordable fireplace inserts to convert your current fireplace into a unit you can use and enjoy for many years to come. Call today to find out more about our fireplace inserts.


This wood insert provides a great value for those looking for the easiest wood insert to operate.


Clean-burning, highly efficient, and easy to operate, the Clydesdale uses our TruHybrid™ technology. Engage the catalyst and turn your stove down for slow and efficient overnight burns.


The Fusion 18 is the ideal wood-burning insert for people wanting to blend the latest heating technology into an existing fireplace.

Blaze King

The Sirocco 25 is a medium-sized fireplace insert. At 2.3ft3, the firebox will take up to a 22″ log and can deliver warmth for up to 25 hours on low.


Regency has fused the latest in wood burning technology with innovative styling. Our wood inserts are available as both catalytic inserts and non-catalytic inserts in a variety of styles including traditional, cast-iron, and modern.

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